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An account is required for using GrainSense Device and App. It gives you an access to:

  • GrainSense mobile app
  • Farmer Dashboard
  • Latest calibrations and updates to your GrainSense device
  • GrainSense cloud service with unlimited storage for your measurements

Registering to GrainSense is easy and fast:

Step 1: Choose country and distributor

Step 2: Fill registration form

Step 3: Create account

Please choose your country and distributor

Country is very important to select correctly as all the calibrations to your device will be country-specific and delivered accordingly.

Please select the distributor you purchased your GrainSense Analyzer from. If purchased from GrainSense directly, select GrainSense. Your selected distributor may issue invoices for our Cloud Services.

250 €

Per year (+VAT). No additional costs.

Account details

You will be using this account with the GrainSense device, mobile application and Farmer Dashboard

Invoice details

You will receive the invoice in your email approximately within 30 days by GrainSense or by an authorized GrainSense distributor after registration.

The address you fill here will be displayed on the invoice.

Please fill both company name and VAT-number.

For businesses inside the EU with a valid VAT-number or outside EU (no VAT-number needed) the VAT is not charged. Otherwise VAT 24% is added to the sum. For Finnish customers the VAT is always charged.

- see guide